The globalization process is changing the whole supply chain, which has been restructured from a "local" to a "global" configuration.
Therefore, Autotrasporti Leoncini also provides this type of service, which allows us to further expand the offering of services aimed at our customers, who forward and receive goods to and from China, thereby strengthening our ability to best meet market needs.
Actually, thanks to a close collaboration with a customs agency, we succeed in carrying out customs formalities, from the submission of documents to Customs to goods delivery at the customer’s premises.

If we want to dwell on the provisioning by sea from South-East Asia, the following 2 solutions can be considered:

  1. Full Container Load (FCL): i.e. the container is loaded only by one supplier and is addressed to a single customer
  2. Less than Container Load (LCL): i.e. the container contains goods loaded by several suppliers and addressed to many customers
F.C.L. Solution

Foreign Supplier End Customer

L.C.L. Solution

Foreign Suppliers End Customer