Market globalization made managing the supply chain ever more important and difficult.
Therefore, we at Autotrasporti Leoncini strive to find strategies enhancing our services and creating a lasting added value.
We believe that an excellent logistic service can create this added value, and can also increase the exploitation of scale economies, time optimization and a decrease of costs.
Our customers have indeed understood that, in order to face the continuous challenges of the market, it is absolutely necessary to delocalize the collection, storage and distribution stages; to this aim, Autotrasporti Leoncini becomes a strategic and irreplaceable partner.
In addition to our various haulage services, we are also able to offer our customers a logistic system of unique value, providing our customers with the best logistic advice before transport and handling the distribution of their goods after.
This is our core competence, make it also become yours. Trust us!